Week 1 in Review

Good morning students. I hope you all had a good first week or two of the semester! Last week USG held Welcome Week once again, to welcome new and returning students. Each day there was something going on. I am hoping you all attended at least one of these events. If not, that’s alright – there’s more events to come!

We started off Welcome Week on Monday, January 29th. On that day there was:

  • Find Grover – USG’s unofficial mascot is Grover the Llama. If you had spotted him, exchanging him in the Center for Student Engagement & Financial Resources (CSEF) would have won you a prize!
  • Caricatures – in the afternoon from 2 – 4 there were two caricature artists who would create awesome caricatures of students who wanted them. What do you think of mine? IMG_2821


On the following day, there were different events:

  • Small World Coffee Hour – from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, there were treats from around the world in the cafeteria. This event gave you a taste of other countries!
  • Find Grover – once again, Grover was hidden in different places to be discovered around Building 3

On Wednesday, January 31 there was:

  • USG’s Student Involvement Fair – this event occurred in the lobby of Building 3. Various student clubs and organizations set up tables, and engaged with the students in hopes of getting new members. This was a great event to attend if you are interested in joining a club or student organization
  • Find Grover

To begin the month of February, on Thursday there were two highlighted events:

  • Ice Cream Social – what’s better than meeting new people? Having free ice cream while doing so! This event was a social event, where students got to meet other students and get free ice cream
  • Movie Screening: Hidden Figures – a nice way to start Black History month was watching “Hidden Figures”, based on a true story about African American women working in NASA
  • Find Grover

As Welcome Week was coming to a close, the last events of the week occurred on Friday, February 2nd:

  • USG Trivia – held in the cafeteria, there was a trivia game with questions about USG and USG services. Students formed teams to compete for the grand prize. I participated in the USG trivia, and my team ended up winning


  • And of course – Find Grover

That concludes the first or second week for USG students! There will be more events happening throughout the semester, so keep your eyes and ears open! Sign up for the USG Weekly for updates on events occurring each week.

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