Weekend Re-cap & Things to Know

Good morning fellow blog readers!

It’s the Monday morning after Superbowl Sunday (shouldn’t this be a holiday by now?!?!) and I am sure everyone is lagging after all the chips & dip that were ravenously consumed. It’s been a jam packed weekend for me, so I felt like I’d give you a little play-by-play – bullet point style – of the cool things that happened this weekend (and other things to know).

  • Eagles win! Despite being the underdog, the Philadelphia Eagles pulled through and beat the Patriots 41 – 33 in what was a very exciting and historic game. Nick Foles, quarterback for the Eagles, was awarded the MVP honors after this great victory.
  • Screen Addiction – A New Public Health Epidemic? Do social media and tech giants have obligations to address this emerging threat to our society’s public health? We live in an age where everyone around us is addicted to technology. Is onr of your 2018 resolutions to put the phone down? Try changing your display to B&W. Apparently, you become accustomed to the lack of color, which then makes all things colorful on your phone overwhelming. The idea is that this will lead you to use certain more colorful apps (Facebook, Instagram) less.
  • Gov’t Shutdown Part 2 A Possibility. We’ve been having so much fun this weekend we almost forgot that tomorrow the House of Reoresentatives will vote to keep Federal agencies operating beyond Feb. 8 – stay tuned folks..
  • Think Twice Before Rejecting the Leafy Greens. The latest news study finds that a daily dose of healthy green veggies resulted in a slower rate of cognitive decline, especially in seniors. So when you’re out for dinner on valentine’s day don’t be so quick to reject the salad!


While a bit random – each of these topics were things that grabbed my attention over the weekend and this morning. Sharing these with you not only communicates the latest info, but also gives you a clue about who I am.

Enjoy your Monday back – hoping some classmates or coworkers brought in Superbowl goodies/leftovers to get you through the day!


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