A Fresh Start

Welcome back everyone!! Happy Spring Semester! Hope you could spend time relaxing, make money, spend time with family, or all the above! For some of us, the start of the semester has been slow while for others it has begun full-force. For us Bio Sci majors, it’s always going at 100%. Another semester, means another opportunity to shine and do our best. As the winter weather continues to sweep over our region, we find ourselves sitting in classrooms and working hard towards our future. The struggle to make due dates and deadline begins anew, but now we’re ready.

Before I start talking about my winter, I wanted to give a shout out and recommendation to USG Mobile. The phone app for iPhone and Android that contains all you need to know in the palm of your hands. Everything from hours, to events, to contact information is there. I have already gone to many events with the help of the app. No more waiting to see a poster or ad for something amazing happening on campus, only to find out it happened a week ago. Get ready for a semester filled with fun, thanks to the USG Mobile app!

Cover art

Now, this winter I attended courses at the main campus of the University of Maryland, College Park. I took Biometrics early to make room for other electives I was interested in. I also wanted to explore more the main campus and see what it had to offer. I was surprised to find out just how many of the services on the main campus had parallels at USG. Personally, I enjoy the smaller and personal campus of USG, but feel it’s nice that we are part of our home campus’ communities as well.

Remember to look at all the amazing resources available at USG and keep tuned for my personal experiences as I try out everything USG has to offer and provide advice to students from all majors on how to succeed here. Thanks for reading!

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