Let Me Tell You A Little About Myself

Hey readers! So as I was thinking what I wanted to talk to you all about this week, I figured why not talk about me. Okay, it’s not really about me but more so what I’m a part of.

Just this past month, I became Director of Marketing and Social Media for the UCA. The UCA is the Undergraduate Communication Association for the University of Maryland, College Park but on the Shady Grove Campus. Since USG’s undergraduate programs run for only two years they tend to have to recruit every few years once people graduate. Along with 2 other boards members we are taking charge of the UCA!

Our goals are to essentially provide one with opportunities outside of the classroom that enrich the communication experience at USG. We want to be able to network and build lasting relationships throughout our program. Networking is always beneficial because they can always go beyond their initial purpose and that’s what we want to instill in our members! We also want to be able to be a part of the Shady Grove community. We want to be involved on campus and make a name for ourselves. This will help us stay relevant to our fellow peers. Our ultimate goal though is to potentially get a communication scholarship fund running for the coming years.

So you’re probably thinking: okay so why are you writing about this? Because if any of this interests you, I invite you on the behalf of the UCA to join us Monday Dec 4th @ 12:30 pm for our meeting. It will be held in the Green Grove Café and we will be discussing our next steps going forward into this school year. UCA flyer dec 4-page-001

Maybe you aren’t interested by reading this right now but if you find yourself looking for something to do this coming Monday, stop by and hear what we have to say! Don’t wait for a formal invitation. You are all welcome, so come.

Hope to see some of you readers there. Like always: thanks for reading and ‘til next time!

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