Lesson Plans are Turning into Lessons Learned

     As an Elementary Education major, lesson plans are supposed to come to us naturally and easily. I have to be honest, I love teaching and love making lesson plan ideas. However, the lesson plans we have to write require so many details and technicalities that I know I have the thought about before, but never really put too much effort into making a note of them in my lesson plans. These seemingly small, but actually huge details are starting to make a difference in my teaching.

     I would often fantasize about “the ideal classroom” and think about who well I am going to do, and how amazing my lessons will be. I just have rarely taken into consideration modifications that I will need to make. There are so many programs and other resources in place for “the non-traditional student” throughout Montgomery County Public Schools. There is different technologies that the county grants to students who need them. Things as simple as a different graphic organizer could help engage some students even more! Paperwork like I.E.P.s make such a difference in the lives of students who have disabilities. I am so grateful that Towson has my major as a dual major (Elementary Education and Special Education) because it has allowed me to explore many more ways to any and all students reach their highest potential in my classroom, and perhaps even outside of my classroom walls.

     I am truly learning how to be a better teacher for my future classroom. With all the techniques that I have learned this semester (and I’m sure there is millions more to come), I feel even more confident in myself that when the time comes for me to start my  student teaching, I will be able to teach all students in fun, engaging, but also very purposeful ways.  

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2 Responses to Lesson Plans are Turning into Lessons Learned

  1. Yessika says:

    Proud of who you’re becoming…without a doubt you will be an amazingly creative teacher!

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