And the Graduation Festivities Officially Begin

Granted that University of Maryland, College Park students do not graduate till May 18th, but you can feel the end coming closer and closer.  USG campus has provided its graduating class this year (the 15th graduating class aka the best class) with tons of celebrations and reminders of their accomplishments. Here are some events that have been/will be going on, on campus:

Leadership Bash: The leadership bash is an event held to commemorate leaders on campus every year.  It used to be more of a formal event, but now has turned into a casual way for on campus leaders to hang out, take some photobooth photos, do arts and crafts, and much more.  Check out Menaza’s post for details.

Senior Week: Graduation perks are definitely the best.  This year, during senior week, USG were giving free cork coasters and coffee refills if you wrote down your most memorable moment that you’ve had at The Universities at Shady Grove.


Biological Sciences End of the Year Party: Last night the biological sciences program held its End of the Year party here in the multi Purpose room in building 2. There was food, dancing, photobooth sessions, baby picture guessing, and we ended it all with a toast. It is something that is really special about the BioSci program here at USG- we are extremely close to each other.


USG Graduation Celebration: The USG graduation is a ceremony that everyone at USG that is graduating is invited to attend.  Everyone dresses up (check out the pictures from last year here and watches a senior slideshow, eats refreshments and drinks wine, and celebrates their last moments at USG.  It looks like a ton of fun and I hope to see all my fellow graduating students there a week from today!


Biological Sciences program last year at the graduation celebration. Can’t wait till this is us next week!

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