Euro Break


Pozzuoli, Italy

My only wish for Christmas was to be able to spend some time with my family who are scattered across the globe.  It would be the trip of a lifetime, taking me West to California then East to Italy, stopping in Tennessee to see a sister and two nephews.  After considering the distances it began apparent that my X-mas wish will now be a New Year’s resolution, this year 2016 I will see every single person in my entire family. Fortunate for me Santa was listening and gave a plane ticket to Europe for three weeks! (and by Santa I mean bank account, its depleted.)


On January 11th I touched down in Naples, Italy, the county’s third largest city.  The city is beautiful, kissing the Mediterranean coast its enchanting, but in equal meassures it offers danger since it hugs the active volcano, Vesuvio (remeber Pompeii?). I never forget the sensation of stepping off the plane and being enveloped by the sweet salty air, this and many more as the whole country offers smells and sensations that can only be captured in person: the marina and the seafood, the restaurants with their wood fired oven pizzas, the coffee shops’ aroma of roasted coffee served espresso style and croissants filled with nutella.


We took a Passeggiate sul lungomare, a stroll by the sea.

My father works with the US military as a government contractor, he moved to Pozzuoli, a town on the water near Naples, in 2007 with my two sisters who were young and recently graduated from high school. Something special is in the air here on the Amalfi Coast, they both got married in less than a year. My sister Erika in the photo just had her first baby, his name is Marco and he will be four months old. Half Americano and half Italiano, the kid is going to be a champion.


Seafood feast

My trip has just begun, I leave on Tuesday for Madrid, Spain to see some old friends.  My return home is Sunday the 23rd, the last day of winter break. To honor my resolution Spring Break will bring you a post of an adventure to Memphis and San Diego.


My favorite places in Europe are the cafeterias, a place to sit, relax and converse.

Being separated from your family is hard, unless they live in really awes0me places.



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  1. Layla.Katharina says:

    Congrats on becoming an Uncle!! Enjoy your travels.

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