Wake Up and Smell the Flowers

The final frontier has arrived and so begins a series of “lasts” for us graduating seniors. I am still on winter break until January 25th, and I am soaking up every solitary second! As I write this, I am overlooking the sunny beaches of Florida, thanking my lucky stars that I can have some respite from this unwanted and rather unnecessary winter weather.

Upon my return, I will gather my books, sharpen my pencils, and bedazzle my notebooks in anticipation of my LAST FIRST DAY. It is wholeheartedly bittersweet and I intend to savor every moment of this grand finale.

I do not have a formal “bucket list”, but  I am eager to participate in “senior” activities such as claiming my “Kiss me I am a Senior Pin.” While I do not expect people to comply with the saying on the pin, I am totally open to high fives and celebratory hugs.

However, I feel like I am getting ahead of myself. With a little under two weeks left in my winter break, I am off to soak up some rays (armed with my sunscreen of course) and spend time with family and friends!

Sending lots of sunshine (both literally and figuratively) as we tackle another exciting semester!


Taking time to smell the flowers, my mantra for this final semester! 


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