My 3 favorite things about the Universities at Shady Grove (Posted on behalf of Shana Frankel)

1. Diversity

While most universities boast diversity, I have been at three campuses before taking courses here in Shady Grove, and I can safely say it has been my most diverse experience yet. The two distinctions that make it so diverse are there are so many ranging ages there, and I am often times one of the youngest in my classes, and at the age of 23 that is a rarity on a college campus. Secondly, because there are many different specialized programs that meet on the campus, I’m always meeting and interacting with people who are in totally different fields than me.

2. Tight Knit Community

Because of the size of the USG campus, it is impossible to not see the same faces and familiarize with everyone roaming around. I love this because it provides a sense of comfort and community that I never felt on the larger campuses I was on. On the same note, I think it so cool that many of the different programs share the same resources. An example of this is that my friends in the UMD nursing program and I all go to the same Center for Academic Success, and meet with the same teachers there. Although we are at different universities, we are still able to bond over this.

3. Free Parking

I have found free parking to be such a rare commodity in the Maryland and DC area, that when I found out this perk at the Universities of Shady Grove, I jumped for joy. Being from Atlanta, Georgia, paying for parking was never really something that I had to do down there. Though it seems like free parking may be just a little thing, to me it clearly made it into the ranks of one of my favorite things.

There are so many more things that I love about the Universities at Shady Grove, and many of these ways are featured in other blog posts of mine, so check those out! And, of course, how could I forget to mention my love for the geese that roam around the parking lot, always giving me a nice little welcome to the USG?


Geese at USG

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