The National Institutes of Health

If there was one place I would recommend anyone to intern at, it would be the National Institutes of Health. There is definitely a reason I have been interning there on and off for the past six years. Having one of the world’s leading medical research centers right at our doorstep is an incredible opportunity.

If you have not been to the NIH yet, here’s a quick overview.

On the metro, NIH is at the Medical center stop on the red line. And the metro is actually where the magic begins, check out this escalator that goes up to the NIH:


What’s great about interning at the NIH is that they give you some money to use the metro to work so that it is not all out of pocket.

Once you go through the visitor’s center (see below) or pass through the gate with your badge/ID, you head up to whatever building you work in.

NIH visitor's center/gateway. Retrieved from:

NIH visitor’s center/gateway. Retrieved from:

In my case, the building is Building 50. And again, who would not want to work in a building that looks like this:


The NIH has an amazing summer internship program that lasts for a minimum of 8 weeks. You get to work very closely with some of the top scientists in the world. The internship really helps high school/college interns not only gain research experience but support with career development as well. They hold numerous workshops for interns and post baccalaureates as well (another great program you can look into). Here is a link for the different events they have held in the past:

And yes, if you scroll down enough through all the premed and graduate school workshops, you will see the “Get Cool and Get Connected” Popsicle event- because they know how to have fun too!

Also, as an employee of one of the leading research centers in the world, you have access to a plethora of resources, facilities, and technologies.

At the end of the summer, they hold a Summer Poster Day for interns. It is a great way to network with other scientists in the community as well as meet other interns.

Presenting at Summer Poster Day this past summer!

Presenting at Summer Poster Day this past summer!

The NIH has so many opportunities available for everyone. Personally, I have gained and learned so much by working there- whether it was attending the Graduate school fair and meeting one on one with admissions officers, perfecting research and presentation skills, getting published, or gaining extremely supportive mentors. I am thankful for the opportunities I got and hope that everyone considers applying for an internship at this outstanding research center!

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  1. Andrew Cummings says:

    Loved working at the NIH!

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