Wait There’s Still Something I Have to Do!

I just realized that this is my second to last blog for the school year- that went by quick! This year was pretty crazy but there is so much I have not been able to do as well. Therefore, I present to you my USG Bucket List for the rest of my time here! Hopefully you can get inspired by the list and try to do some of them as well.

  1. Use the really cool Energy Bike in the gym (or use the gym at all for that matter…..)
  2. Meet a lot more people from other institutions
  3. Take a class completely unrelated to my major
  4. Find out the name of the security guy I always say hi to (I should get on this soon….)
  5. Participate in an Alternative Spring Break Trip
  6. Get a picture with Dr. Edelstein
  7. Prank a professor- a harmless prank of course!
  8. Dye my hair a crazy color
  9. Step into a class that I’m not in and see if anyone notices
  10. Use student discounts to the fullest
  11. Get into medical school
  12. Actually go onto the fifth floor of Building III
  13. Learn how to use the scanner in the library
  14. Learn Farsi
  15. Make a film

I am pretty sure this list will continue to grow but that’s it for now!

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3 Responses to Wait There’s Still Something I Have to Do!

  1. Zeynab Shirazi says:

    Yes! To number 14!

  2. Ahmed Malik says:

    Always wanted to do 9 haha

  3. randie.hov says:

    I work here and I never go up to the fifth floor of Bldg III…

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