Glad to Light Up USG

Why be simply a star when you can be a USG galaxy!

Why be simply a star when you can be a USG galaxy!

Leadership can be hard to define and it means different things to different people.  When I try to define the epitome of a leader I imagine a person that sets direction, builds an inspiring vision, and creates something new within their organization.  When I was invited to the Leadership Bash that took place on Thursday, April 23rd, which was for sure a distinction I am honored to hold, I felt that perhaps the title was a tad overstated for myself and the other attendees.   Belonging to several organizations on campus that garnered me an invite: USG Ambassadors and student blog, together with all my fellow peers from Student Event Board, Student Leadership Association, and the many other clubs and organizations that bring life and fun to our campus I realized what an impact we genuinely bring to this campus.  We celebrated what I felt like was the best year USG has ever had (it was and you all know it), and beyond the dedication we put into all the student events on campus for everyone’s enjoyment, I must say, they would not amount to much without the incredible student body that makes this campus so incredibly awesome.

Photo booth, I love it!

Photo booth, I love it!

Food was abundant, the music was jamming, and activities abound.  The neatest ice-breaker was offered at the door, a people bingo game card with a list of common traits of the attendees.  I could sign for more than one actually, “drinks more than two cups of coffee a day,” “speaks more than one language,” “writes for a blog.”  On one long table we challenged each other to Jenga and on another we crafted personalized cards.  Complete with a “walk of fame” I applaud the organizers of the party for such a great job, it was so much fun!

The tension was thick

Who doesn’t love board games?

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