When life gets crazy…


This is what I should be telling myself. If I did, this post would not be coming to you (whoever you are) at the wearied hour of 3:46 am. In an effort to make some coherent sense and not repeat the statements of my fellow bloggers, the semester is somehow winding down. I feel like I just started, yet I already find my mind wandering back to a time in January when all that we have accomplished thus far appeared insurmountable. And hey, if I’m in the mindset of reflection, how fitting that I begin to look back on this semester at 3:49 in the morning. These few months have been characterized by many sleepless nights spent studying, early morning clinical rotations, and lots (and lots and lots) of COFFEE (and a little dark chocolate along that way; it has antioxidants right?).
Mornings have always been my favorite part of the day, but 3:00 am brings new meaning to this notion. It is quiet in my house. Everyone is still asleep, and in this wee morning hour, I wonder if perhaps I should be a night shift nurse. I quickly muffle that idea as I begin to note all of the typos and grammatical errors in this post.

In other news, here is an update on the life of a second-semester nursing student at UMDSON:
1. Completion of medical-surgical nursing clinical rotation: check
2. Lab simulation experiences: check
3. Psychiatric nursing clinical: Two weeks to go
4. Finals begin: TEN DAYS (yes, that says ten)

With finals around the corner, these busy USG students are about to get busier. Nothing more motivating than exciting summer plans on the horizon, including an externship in pediatric oncology and bone marrow transplant at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a dream come true!

More on all of this in my next post, which will be during “normal” waking hours, I promise!
Here’s to hoping everyone is getting some good sleep right now…

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