Winding down the semester

After 2 straight years, semester after semester, class after class, the train is finally coming to a halt. It has been a long time coming! At this juncture, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful USG bloggers who have been keeping the wheels rolling on Around the Grove. But most importantly, I want to continue thanking all USG students and personnel for supporting our blog and being part of such a great project that was started by our hardworking USG marketing and leadership team.

I want to encourage all students to participate or be a part of our wonderful blog. Keep lighting the torch that we are now about to handover to you in less than a month. Promote our beautiful Universities at Shady Grove and let the world know that this is the best education institution, the world has ever known.

I would like to encourage all graduating seniors to keep fighting until the end. It is at the end that a lot of people succumb to the famous “senioritis”. Graduation day is Around the Grove! I want to finish by thanking my brother Tinashe and his wife Chichi, my twin-sister Connie and her family, my mother, my brothers Tapiwa and Munya and their families, and most importantly my girlfriend Thobani and her family for being there for me, supporting and cheering me on when I needed it. You all have been the best and wonderful people that have made my educational journey beautiful and easy. It will be unfair to forget the unsung heroes of this story. All the educators that have done a wonderful job passing on the knowledge as well as my friends Fonda, Sall, and Chanty. Wishing you all the best in your lives and educational endeavors.

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4 Responses to Winding down the semester

  1. Tmoney says:

    Yayyyyy!!!! Go Chris! We are so proud of you! One more month to go! Finish strong!

  2. Fonda says:

    Great blog Chris . It has been an amazing two years with wonderful memories and challenges we had to face but glad we he to overcome them. However, it doesn’t end here, the journey continues. We always have to think big and hope for the best. Our friendship won’t end here, even after graduation we have to keep in touch and have positive effects on each other’s lifes, the movie of the 4 musketeers could best portray this as they stick together as one. We are like family now and all the best to you Chris and those two, Chanty and Khadijah. (Smiles)

  3. Khadijatu says:

    Its is indeed a 2 long years, but it was a great one too, I wish you all the best in life.

  4. randie.hov says:

    Congrats, Chris! All of your hard work is about to pay off.

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