Empathy is a Powerful Tool

About a month ago I watched a very powerful documentary on Netflix, it was called Whore’s Glory. This film follows the lives of the sex trafficked victims from three different parts of the world: Thailand, India, and Mexico.

Before watching this film I had always been aware of what sex trafficking was and how it worked, at least that’s what I thought.

Then after watching Whore’s Glory I was brutally awakened with the ugly truth behind sex trafficking. Though I won’t describe the details of this movie in this post, I will tell you how this movie changed my mind and my heart.

It wasn’t even thirty minutes into the movie until the tears came down. It was hard to watch, and I could barely wrap my head around some of the shots I just witnessed and the information that I was trying to swallow.

Then about an hour into the movie I had to hit pause, I felt goosebumps run across my whole body. I was crying so hard you would think someone had died, my heart was breaking for these women. Finally, I got myself back together and finished the documentary.

I was pretty depressed the next two days, I would think about it before i went to bed, and even had dreams about it. Clearly, this movie hit me pretty hard.

Sex Trafficking 2

I continued to watch movies about sex trafficking and prostitution and became more and more intrigued with the subject.

Though it was hard to watch all these films and learn about the epidemic, this ultimately lead to my decision to volunteer to help stop sex trafficking.In the summer I will be volunteering at a number of non-profit organizations in the DMV area as well as San Diego, CA. I couldn’t be more thrilled to join the fight against this modern form of slavery.

This serves as an example of how  empathy is a powerful tool, and all it took was one film.

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I'm a self-starting storyteller with a passion for social advocacy and personal development. My goal is to engage and connect my readers through healthy discussion and sharing of ideas on various topics.
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2 Responses to Empathy is a Powerful Tool

  1. randie.hov says:

    Have you read “Half the Sky?” It is relevant to this topic and may be of interest to you.

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