A Journey Around the World

Dance performances, food from all over the world, fashion show, games, photo booth, henna, dancing, a DJ, art- sound interesting to you? Well, you could have found all these things at USG’s very own International Night that happened Thursday in the Multipurpose Room in Bldg. II.

The night started off with an introduction of all the different tables that each showcased a different country. Each table had food/cultural items and information about their own country. I was fortunate enough to represent India, and I brought a dessert called Jalebi which is one of the most famous desserts in India (and probably one of the sweetest things that exist on this planet). I also brought some cultural items like clothing, bangles, and an Indian game board called Ludo.

India's table!

India’s table!

After introductions, they started the performances. We had dances from Nepal, India, the U.S., Philippines, El Salvador (singing performance), and Palestine. There was also a fashion show where numerous countries were all represented. The fashion show was really entertaining as well because all the models did a little dance or something relating to their country as they walked across the stage.

After all the performances were over, everyone broke out dancing which was a perfect way to end an amazing event. As promised, International night was an amazing way to travel all over the world from our campus and was a successful night!

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