International Night 2016

Recently, there have been so many “lasts” for me at USG.  My last etiquette dinner, my last day working at Career and Internship Services Center, my last advising appointment, and yesterday was my last time participating and tabling at International Night. What was great about International Night, though, was that everyone in the community could come.  I hope to keep coming as an alum to this amazing event in the future!


TONS of people showed up to the event! Photo credit:

And what makes this event so special? It has everything that you would imagine being at an International Night times ten. This included live performances, tables representing all different countries around the world, food, chances to win prizes, photo booth, trivia questions, an open dance floor at the end and even a rice eating competition!


One of the many amazing performances seen at the event. Photo credit:

This year, I tabled again for India. I brought chana (a famous snack in India made up of chikpeas). Note to self: add less spices next time.  If you want to see how the event went last year make sure to check out my blog post from last year here. Overall, the event was something nobody wanted to leave from (literally, you guys know who you are). I hope you all make time in your schedule to attend next year!

P.S. If you wanted to know who won the rice eating competition- it was Iran!

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