An Alternative Kind Of Spring Break

This past week I reignited my passion for social justice. I have spent the course of this school year as an alternative break fellow through the Repair the World organization. My main responsibility as a fellow was to plan and co-lead an alternative spring break program to New Orleans, and that is exactly what I did this past week.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have a keen interest in studying the criminal justice system, and would particularly like to work with the youth who have been affected, and those who are high at risk. In New Orleans, my co-leader Jared and I led twelve UMD students on a trip specifically focusing on this topic. The program is run out of the Hillel, which is the Jewish involvement center on the UMD campus. It was such a unique experience getting to spend my spring break exploring an area of interest in a totally different environment.

Attached are pictures to elaborate on my experience! (ITINERARY INCLUDED)

Our itinerary for the week!

Always representing Shady Grove :)

Spending the morning volunteering at Lake Area High School

An afternoon in the Juvenile courthouse with Judge Doherty, District Attorney Ralph Brandt, along with a public defender!

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