A Semester Full of Opportunities

We’re one month into spring semester now, and it is the last day of spring break! I am actually looking forward to going back to school because there is so much waiting for me and the rest of the students on campus at USG for the rest of the school year. I love spring semester because you already have gotten to know a lot of your peers by that time so classes, extracurriculars, etc. are a lot more enjoyable.

Specifically what I am looking forward to this upcoming Thursday is International Night. It is Student Event Board’s biggest event for the year so it should be a ton of fun. I will be representing India, so make sure to stop by my table if you can make it to the event!

Flier for International Night!

Flier for International Night!

One really fun and interesting event I was able to attend last week was the Etiquette Dinner. The University of Maryland Eastern Shore Hotel and Restaurant Management students cooked an amazing 3-course meal for us and I was able to learn so much about how to sit, which utensils to use, and the list goes on. For more information about the event see Derek’s post!

The AMAZING dessert given at the Etiquette dinner- Handmade chocolate, tiramisu, and a Raspberry Custard

The AMAZING dessert given at the Etiquette dinner- Handmade chocolate, tiramisu, and a Raspberry Custard

Student Council has also been working hard to raise money for a Student Involvement Scholarship for one student. We are doing a T-shirt fundraiser, and are selling custom designed T-shirts for graduating USG students. Here’s a picture of the really cool design on the T-shirt:


All proceeds will go towards the scholarship! If you are interested in buying a T-shirt here’s the link:


Student Council will also be holding a town hall, as they do every month, on Wednesday March 25th in the Green Grove Café from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. These town halls are a really good way to find out what is going on at USG, how to get involved, and to voice any concerns that you may have. Plus, there is free pizza, so make sure to stop by!

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