The Lost Art of Daydreaming

Can you think back to the time when you were five years old?

Playing in the garden with sticks and stones, chasing the neighborhood cat, and playing in the mud. Lying in the meadow eating jelly beans and watching the clouds change into mystic creatures of the sky. The playground swing was your rocket ship, and the dirty stick that you found stuck in the mud was your magic wand . Your Mac & Cheese gave you superpowers and your shoes could make you fly. Those were the days when our minds had no limits, and our dreams were never-ending. 

What ever happened to that child inside of us?

It seems to me that as  adults we are so ingrained into reality that we don’t know how to disconnect anymore, and we’ve forgotten how to daydream.


So why should we care about daydreaming?

After all, daydreaming is for children.

On the contrary, it’s not just for children it’s for everyone at any age. In fact, studies have shown that daydreaming is very beneficial to adults. Daydreaming can actually help trigger creativity and inspiration. Your imagination is filled with visions and ideas that all serve to expand your mind. The problem is that the majority of adults don’t reap the benefits of daydreaming because they simply don’t make the time.

The lesson to be learned here is to remember to let your mind wander, because that child is still inside of you waiting to be freed.

About Layla.Katharina

I'm a self-starting storyteller with a passion for social advocacy and personal development. My goal is to engage and connect my readers through healthy discussion and sharing of ideas on various topics.
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