Finding Your “Cool” in S(C)h(OOL)

I’ve noticed that several fellow bloggers have written about exercise and stress- reduction these last few weeks, and I too, have been thinking about these topics. This week in our Psychiatric Nursing lab, we had to form groups and present on a topic related to mental health promotion. My team chose “mindful meditation,” and led our class in a guided imagery exercise.

We read about oceans, tangerines, and sunny days. During our presentation, we played calming music, turned off the lights, and encouraged everyone to rest their heads on their desks, and allow themselves to be completely relaxed. After a few minutes had passed, we asked them to open their eyes and share what they were feeling. Several students cited the calming, sleep-inducing, stress-reducing effects of this exercise. Though short in duration, the impact was substantial.

Now, that does not mean we all need to become meditative masters to find our cool amidst the chaos. Believe me, though I enjoyed leading the exercise, I found myself itching to move around. For me, stress relief comes through running, and like fellow blogger Derek, I too will be running in the Rock n Roll D.C. Half Marathon on March 14th and I cannot wait!

People often ask what I think about when I’m running, and the truth is, NOTHING. For me, that is the beauty in it. My mind completely stops and instead, I get lost in my breathing and body mechanics.

Finding your “cool” is a deeply personal choice. So however you decide to de-stress, know that you are investing in yourself, and that will surely bring about some good endorphins in the long run 🙂

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