Student Ambassador Life: Helping Others Achieve their Goals

It’s only when you take a step back, that you realize how far you’ve come.

That’s something I learned today while working the Montgomery College Transfer Fair. It was the first event I worked as a brand new student ambassador here at USG.

The USG table was set up among the dozens of other university tables in the Rockville campus gym. Prospective students entered through the large doors, and took a look around themselves unsure of where to begin. They slowly made their rounds through the building, overwhelmed by the multitude of university logos and the dozens of representatives.

I remembered when I was a Montgomery College student, completely lost and unsure of my goals and the next steps I should take for my future. It was an amazing experience being able to tell these prospective students that I was once in their shoes.

It felt great seeing the faces light up as I told these students about USG, and my personal experience here on this campus.  I couldn’t help but rave about my experience here, and how far I’ve come since Montgomery College. Being a source of guidance, and being able to help the unique individuals I met today at the Transfer Fair was a rewarding experience.

My goal is  to continue to learn and grow as a Student Ambassador, and  steer future students in the right direction, helping them achieve their goals. Guide

About Layla.Katharina

I'm a self-starting storyteller with a passion for social advocacy and personal development. My goal is to engage and connect my readers through healthy discussion and sharing of ideas on various topics.
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