What you need to know about the International Night at USG.


If you ever hear anyone referring to our beautiful Universities at Shady grove as the United Nations Campus, believe it because indeed we are!! Just this week I stopped by the student event board display table to chit-chat with some students’ representatives of the group. The group members were promoting their famous once in a year event which is characterized by USG students who come together to share unique cultural experiences and showcasing an array of original and traditional traits that are ingrained in our rich culturally diverse Campus.   I don’t know about you, but I am going to represent my beautiful Republic of Zimbabwe. After all it’s free to attend or set up your own table to educate and take pride in your country of origin. If you want to make your country shine at USG, register today by calling Tasha at 301-738-6189 or email tgooden@umd.edu!! Hurry up while tables last!!!

student flyer

Well, I understand that not everyone may be willing to set up a table, that’s fine!   The group believes that representing your country is as equally important as just attending the event to be part of the audience. In addition, the group will also be carrying out a talent show, fashion show, and much more.

international night

Just in case you might still be wondering why anyone may refer to our beautiful USG as the United Nations Campus, I will simply introduce you to some of the wonderful students who I met from the group table and then I will leave it up to you to agree. From left is Cynthia from Peru, Sophia from Burma, Vy from Vietnam, Monica from India, and Fuad, an American born from Sierra Leone parents.   If for some reason you missed the flyer because you enjoyed reading more than looking at the flyer image, the event is going to be held on March 26 2015, in Building II, Multi-purpose room here at USGJ.   Make your country proud Around The Grove!!!

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