Annual Film Festival Reaches for the Stars

An Arctic blast that brought a half a foot of snow on Tuesday causing USG to close its doors was the buzz around campus, but honestly, why write about the drudgery of the snow and the cold when everybody’s mind is fighting the strongest of urges to cozy up under a blanket for a movie marathon.  And Yes! Film and creativity, including the talented contributions our students have offered for your viewing pleasure, is the remedy for this dreadful season.

Through my blog I have brought you closer to the USG student experience and in my effort to share with you the events and activities hosted on campus I have found myself not only more enthusiastic about upcoming events but sorely upset when I miss one.  No sooner had I discovered that our University of Maryland communications department had held a student film festival this past December I immediately put myself to work to honor their achievement with this exclusive post on our blogger website. Film Festival On December 10th 2014, the auditorium in building I provided attendees the perfect accommodations for USG’s first annual Student Films Festival.  The best short films and screenplays were selected from submissions students had created for their semester-long final projects required in the department’s film and screenwriters classes, commonly regarded as a right of passage for communication majors in their program.  Popcorn and beverages were offered to over 100 attendees during a showcase of short 5-10 minute films granting viewers a captivating movie-going experience while demonstrating USG’s creative excellence.  Nominated films were considered for top awards in thirteen categories by a panel of qualified judges, even the audience had the opportunity to vote for their favorite through the “Terp’s Choice” award for both film and screenplay.  Sweeping the nominations and establishing himself as a rising star among his peers, Daniel Zevallos captured Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Picture, Best Actor, and the Terp’s Choice vote.  Winners received a certificate and gift to honor their achievement, see the whole list of award winners here.

Film Festival Program

Terp’s Choice Award Winner Watch all the Film nominations here!

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