Three’s Company

One of the great parts of commuting, which is often downtrodden  by the many negatives associated with it, is carpooling.

There are 3 specific reasons why carpooling is so great:

  1. Quality time with quality people
  2. Economical
  3. Environmentally-friendly

Since Shady Grove is a commuter campus, most people are driving themselves to class. I propose that everyone who is reading this post (and takes their own car to school) try to set up a carpool for a few times this semester, if you don’t already do it. Not only does it mean that you get to save gas/money and spend time with other people, it’ll also result in a less-clogged Shady Grove parking lot. Who wouldn’t love that?

This is the first semester that I have started to carpool, and it gives me something to look forward to as I trudge through Monday classes, which everybody knows aren’t easy. Think of it as a light at the end of the tunnel, where you get to belt out tunes with your friends. (side point-this is one of my favorite ways to destress)

Here is where my friends David and Avital get a shout out. My Mondays are infinitely better because of our carpool, which has led to an extremely hilarious carpool group text. Yup, just another benefit of being a carpooler.


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