It’s About Time For Some Preaching!!

Before saying anything, I can imagine some of you are already wondering if this is the right platform for a wannabe preacher to deliver his message to USG. I have discovered something around our beautiful institution. Right now at USG, if organizations want to get students attention, they offer them free stuff (pizza, cupcakes or gift cards). Today, I am here to say let’s all participate in our student activities regardless of free stuff being offered, and simply for curiosity sake. For the love of our great institution, we should not have to use food or small gifts as an incentive to participate in clubs, meetings, or information sessions. Instead, our curious minds should be the reason to participate in any activity here at USG. We belong here, we are proud to be here and we should always look back and smile after we graduate and say, “This is the greatest institution that gave meaning to our lives and set the path for our future”.

My fellow students, let’s bring our hands together and continue to carry the pride and honor that our Universities here at Shady grove offer. When I walk around the hallways, navigating our modern sustainable green buildings, I see wonderful students from all walks of life, occasionally stopping to chit-chat and move on. I see students going up and down the stairs, utilizing the computer lab for school projects, flocking into the Center for Academic Success (CAS) for extra help with academic material, or our beloved Green Grove-Café to grab a bit to eat, or a cup of coffee. I have to admit that there is one thing that is very consistent; team work. I see the spirit of teamwork in the reservation rooms of our library and on every floor.   Students are busy studying together with the common goal of success. I want to encourage that spirit to keep going.

In fact, I call all the students who come here as “Team USG”. I am going to end with a request for answers to a crucial open ended question. What will you contribute to team USG to make it stronger? You guys thought I was going to do some USG preaching right? Don’t worry I will not throw out any Bible verses or lines from the holy Koran or Torah!! That’s called having a great attention getter! Happy President’s day USG.

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