The Final Weeks

Close-Up Of Stethoscope With Globe Over Blue Background

I hope everyone is doing alright during this pandemic, with enough food and resources for the remaining duration of the lock down. This is an unprecedented time, and it is absolutely natural to feel anxious and unsure of how to proceed.

There are about three weeks until the end of classes, and then final exams, papers, and projects will be due. I want to emphasize that it is absolutely alright to feel overwhelmed, to feel stressed when it feels like there is so much to do in an uncertain time.

How has everyone’s transition to online courses been? I hope it is going well, even though it can be difficult to focus on classes on an online format without physically going to class. For me, it had been difficult to stay motivated at the same pace I had been in physical classes in the beginning of the transition, with how quickly and abruptly everything changed in our daily routine. But humans are strong at adapting, and I know you can do it.

It had helped me incredibly to write down all the assignments I had to do, with the due dates highlighted. Otherwise, I felt like I would lose track of assignments when the days blurred together. I found group projects were also a good opportunity to keep in touch with classmates, to bring back the classroom feeling that some of us may need during this time to stay focused. But our needs are all different, so finding what works for you to stay focused for the remaining three weeks of the semester is something you will be able to find. There are also your respective advisors to communicate with regarding the schedule ahead. I wish everyone the best of luck, but more importantly, I wish everyone good health during this time.

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