How To Cope During COVID-19

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Now that our institutions are physically closed due to the national emergency of the corona-virus pandemic, now more than ever, college student are asked to adjust to new living situations. This situation for anyone is not ideal. What should one do while everything is closed? Our classes are now online which makes it stressful and difficult to deal with, especially for those who aren’t use to learning online. Professors, faculty, and staff as well, are not happy about this situation. This quarantine has left me feeling frustrated, stressed out and out of work. But there is support and help out there.

Here are some of what your fellow peers are doing during this time of quarantine:

Ebonie Gadson writes, “I am keeping busy through rediscovering interests and hobbies I once left or put on hold due to school and work being ver demanding. I started writing again on Medium and even so much more to time for reading and yoga! Although COVID-19 has been tough for me mentally and emotionally, I feel it has realigned me for the better.”

Lucia Proctor says, “I am dealing with a lot of uncertainty directly relating to my major because the school systems are shut down, with no end in sight, and my certification depends on a specific number of state-mandated hours of student teaching and classroom-related assessments. I am experiencing a jumble of emotions as the stress of my future career remaining in limbo directly conflicts with the blessing of being able to spend so much unexpected time with my 22-month-old at home, cooking, dancing, and cuddling. “

Despite the crisis, we are all in this together and I recommend these tips on how to cope during quarantine:

  1. Have Structure
  2. Sleep Well
  3. Prioritize Mental Health
  4. Set Boundaries
  5. Take Walks
  6. Stay Connected
  7. Eat Healthy
  8. Be Kind to Yourself
  9. Validate Your Experience
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It is always great to hear from your fellow peers on what they are doing during this time of national emergency. We would love to hear from you on how you been coping with this transition. You can email me at

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