Movie Magic at USG

After a much busy summer, it was refreshing to come back to USG. With many missing faces among my class mates (they graduated last May) I looked forward to spending time with some old and some new faces. As expected the Communication program brings an array of talented students among us and so far I am enjoying, working on various projects with some new and some old faces. It’s going to be my last semester and the feelings are mixed, I am going to miss this place, but somehow the idea of this being my last semester is making me feel inspired. I feel like it’s a now or never moment. I among many of my classes that I am taking two film classes that are teaching me to think about movies in a different way. From class lectures, I get to learn a much detail history of what techniques were used historically and how are things done now in the moving making business. As I am learning I can’t help but learn about the filming style of the famous movie directors and producers. I have seen movies from the 90s, some 2000s but not many before them. I had seen my share of rom-coms, drama action and sci-fi, and comedies. I would see great movies accepting Oscars and various awards and would always think of my experience while watching them. Now as I am studying about them and learning what actually was to them to make them Oscar worthy? In our class we would talk about the great works of Steven Spielberg, Martian Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, Quentin Tarantino and many more. Our professor would talk about the kind of shots they would take to create more drama, or the usage of Camera work or how much of a game changer they were in their times. This semester I decided that I am going to watch movies of one of the directors and see what they did. So I decided to go with Quentin Tarantino. What made me choose him was that he recently released “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” with Oscar winning Leonardo Di Caprio  and Brad Pitt. Audience were able to see world’s famous actors in their element and they sure outdid themselves. I was able to see class Tarantino style Camera work and the quirks of his stories, which would enhance his characters. The fun of it all was that it was based on a true story.


After watching the scene from when (spoiler alert!) Leo roasted one of the characters with a blow torch and I could not help but un-see the whole scene I understood why Tarantino was the king of nonlinear story lines and satirical drama. I wanted more of this and decided to go to good old Netflix. I found out few of more of his movies and decided to go with the classic “Pulp Fiction’.  There’s wasn’t a moment in the movie that was not thought about in detail. From the costumes to dialogues and story line, it was Tarantino’s masterpiece. I have a few more inline but time is the essence these days with semester.

Sharing a favorite scene from the movie




About Sumaira

Hello, My name is Sumaira Ahmed and I am a student at University of Maryland College Park. My major is Communication. In addition to that I am a mom of two beautiful kids,1 cockatoo and 4 parakeets and a wife. To peruse my degree in Communication is a dream come true and I hope it helps me open many doors to a new kind of exciting work later on.
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