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How has everyone’s summer been? The summer can be a great time to do so much. Many of my peers had successfully completed internships at accounting firms, while others had taken classes to get ahead. How you manage a vacation is up to you, but definitely remember to check in with your respective advisors to plan ahead. At the same time however, a break is a break, a time to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer, and is ready to tackle on the new semester! 

Before anything, I would like to give a warm welcome to the new students here at USG as well as a welcome back to returning students! It has already been a month since the fall semester has begun, and already exams are approaching, papers are due, and the library will be full of students working their hardest to succeed. When you stop by the Priddy Library, take a look to your left and see what fellow students have written and drawn on the board. For instance, when I was walking to the quiet area to study for the week, there was a question on why you like USG. Answers varied from saving money to the close-knit community you can find unique to a smaller campus. The questions change frequently, so make sure to take a look. You’ll be pleasantly surprised each time! 


As my second year has started at USG, it is so incredible to see faces that had once been unknown become familiar, people who had once been strangers become the closest of friends who I can depend on. I still remember vividly how nervous I had been during my first day at USG as a junior, the transition straight from community college one that seemed too frightening. Looking back on it now, it has become a fond memory, and almost feels a little silly too! Because the USG campus and all the people in it have become a home, every little corner one that I know and have passed by countless of times already. There’s a comfort to the familiar, and it has made me love USG all the more. 

But remember as well, that while you are primarily a student at USG, you are also a student of your respective main campus. Last week I had been at the University of Maryland, College Park campus to take senior portraits, and it’s always such a change of environment. Exciting as it had been, USG is always my home to return to. Whether you have just transferred to USG or are returning to continue your studies, you have a home here. Good luck, students!

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