Go get on a bike!

Recently I had a bike latch installed in my SUV. It had been a plan for years to have a bike latch installed for me, my husband’s bike and our 2 kids, but did not happen for one or the other reason. Now we are itching to give it a try. We usually just grab our bikes and go for biking. I must say during summer me and my family become avid bikers; but it usually happens just around the neighborhood. We had a fro-yo shop at our nearest shopping plaza and that would be a reason for all four of us to bike together, get to the frozen-yogurt store, HAVE some frozen-yogurt and bike back. We would take all the longest, winding routs and being fairly new in the area, it was exciting. The store closed after just 2 years and my kids are now in pre-teens and teens, and the idea for them biking with mom and dad versus with their friends is more appealing, so we had to revisit the idea of the latch getting installed again to mix things up i.e. get back into the ‘we are still cool parents that you might wanna hangout with’ zone. With that I had to think about another interesting aspect of biking which I had to take care of. You see, I DO NOT  like BUGS! Yes the bugs that come with the whole idea of being outdoors in a foresty kind of parks. We had done those and I drench my self with bugs repellent spray before any outdoorsy activity. Living in American suburbs have spoiled me I must admit! Who would say I grew up in a third world country where bugs were a norm. I can’t help but think that all this greenery we are surrounded with in Maryland we are not bitten by bugs that much. One more thing I thought about is to have a fellow family that bikes, just like us. It not only eliminated the whining(mostly by kids) and eye rolling, but a family that bikes regularly might be able to  guide us to where we should bike, the fun spots to bike and of course any kinds of challenging are easily over come. With all of that in mind we are ready to bike! I am going to share more adventures related to that for next time. So stay tuned!


About Sumaira

Hello, My name is Sumaira Ahmed and I am a student at University of Maryland College Park. My major is Communication. In addition to that I am a mom of two beautiful kids,1 cockatoo and 4 parakeets and a wife. To peruse my degree in Communication is a dream come true and I hope it helps me open many doors to a new kind of exciting work later on.
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