Finishing Strong!

Good morning everyone,

I am writing this blog to congratulate the graduates (both Undergrad and Grad)! They put everything they had into finishing strong. In honor of the occasion, graduates enjoyed 2 separate celebrations – one for undergraduate students and one for graduate students.

The graduates were greeted with a video, displaying many students’ accomplishments over the course of their time here. Here is the video:

Although this is only my Junior year, I had the pleasure to meet and work with some of the graduates. Each one of them has a promising future, and will go on to do great things!

Students that are continuing their studies in the fall will undoubtedly reach the point of their graduations. I know it will happen sooner than you realize!

I am sorry for the short post, but I wanted to acknowledge the graduating students, and congratulate them. In the coming weeks, I will make sure to write more for you viewers!

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