Never stop moving forward. Your life depends on it

In 2008, while I was still active serving in the Navy, I decided that if I was ever going to leave the service and work a regular job that I should get a college degree. Now, it’s nearly a decade later, and after moving five times, changing jobs twice, getting married, buying a house, starting a business, and taking up bicycle touring, I’m done. With this step. Tomorrow is my commencement ceremony. In the next couple of days, I’ll complete my application to the MBA program at Hood College in Frederick MD.

Maybe you’re just thinking about going to college. Or maybe you’re taking a semester because you didn’t have a job lined up and your parents told you that you needed to go to school if you want to live at home. Or maybe you’re a senior, and you’ve got it all figured out, and you’re working towards a degree in supply chain management or public policy.

Whatever your goals are, whatever your motivations, reach for them. And even if you have to take a day off, or the details of your plans change because you meet the love of your life, keep reaching. Keep coming back. Keep walking forward. Only you can prevent you from achieving your goals.

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