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Hello everyone,

We are almost done with the semester! That means final exams and projects. For many of you, these next few weeks will be entirely stressful. Make sure you stop by the destress lounge, from Monday May 8 until Thursday May 11 for some rest & relaxation.

Today, I want to talk to you guys about Student Research Day that happened yesterday, May 3rd. Students got to present some projects they have created or research they conducted. I took part of Research Day, and I want to share what the experience was like.

Opening Presentation

To kick off the event, students from the criminal justice program shared a presentation that talked about the poverty in Montgomery County. They raised awareness of the causes of poverty, and ways Montgomery County is taking action.

Poster Presentations

After the opening presentation, attendees walked around the room, and checked out the various posters. I saw a wide variety of posters, ranging from historical events to computer gaming.



Normandy RememberedIMG_0737

These students’ presentation discussed the historical events in Normandy. Their presentation informed viewers about some background information. They also included videos, and discussed the differences between them. For example, some directors focused their videos on the invasion while other directors focused on the journey American soldiers went through.

While some presentations focused on the past, other presentations focused on the present. Some of my fellow classmates presented their capstone projects. They brought laptops so people could play test their games.


While I am not entirely sure what kind of game it is, I can say it looks pretty interesting.

Although this video doesn’t show you much of the gameplay, it hints at what the game offers. From what I could tell, it is a first person explorer game, located in a library. The goal is to explore the area to pick up hints. These hints eventually get you pass codes that can open up doors.

Since I also took part of the event, I wanted to share with you what I presented.

Interior Environment


During this semester, I am taking a 3D modeling course. One of the projects I made in this course was a group project. It was an interior environment that showed remnants of a struggle. I was proud to present it with my group members (who are not in this picture), and people were interested to hear about it.


I had a really good time seeing different projects from various students. I even met some students from Montgomery College who had great presentations. If any of you are looking for an outlet to share your work, start planning for the Research Day during the fall semester! I am looking forward to seeing you there.

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