Stay Healthy 

Finals are just around the corner and we all know what that means:

  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Questionable eating habits and
  • Illness

We have all been there, these last few weeks where all the papers seem to be due at the same time. Exams to cram for, I mean study for and on top of that some are already stressing about what to do over the summer (internship), while others are trying to plan out life after graduation.

This is a lot to ask of our body and brain to keep up especially if we are not giving our body what it needs. Believe me, I do my fair share of procrastination and in turn end up doing last minute cramming sessions. However, we all know that it is during these stressful times that we seem to start getting sick and have even less energy to complete our tasks.

So today I wanted to share a few tips to survive the next few weeks:

  1. Stay hydrated and eat healthy: fueling our bodies with caffeinated drinks and sugary foods only causes your body to crash. Usually we tend to drink these drinks and eat these foods because we are exhausted, so give your body what it needs.
  2. Sleep: taking the time to let your body recover is vital to the learning process as well as staying healthy. I know it’s hard to break that habit of staying up all night to study for the exam or to finish a paper but when your body is tired it is in your best interest to give your body what it needs. Even a 15 minute power nap can go a long way.
  3. Find ways to de-stress: Everyone handles stress in different ways. Some people tend to over eat, others don’t eat. Some people become very tired others cannot sleep. Since there is no specific form that stress manifest itself, it is important to identify ways that relax you. It could be taking a yoga class at the Rec center or using the machines. Maybe a Zumba class helps you clear your head or a nice walk around campus. 

Remember we are almost at the finish line for this semester! Also please take advantage Pause for Paws. It’s a nice time to mingle with cute puppies and take your mind off of exams and papers. 

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