International Game Day

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all managing well, with classes and projects. It is almost the end of the semester!


Today I want to talk to you about an event that happened this past Monday, 11/14/16. In the Priddy Library, Building 3,  from 11 to 5 there was a showcase of games in honor of International Game Day. Students from the Simulation and Digital Entertainment program at USG got to show off some of the games that they’ve created. There were even 2 virtual reality games – pretty neat! Anyone was welcome to come and test out the games that were on display.

With the permission of the designers, I want to present some of the games that were on display:

Phobos – a VR game that takes place an an abandoned asylum. The player has to look around the building for clues and objects to pick up. The game environment is very dark, so fans of horror games will enjoy it. Here is the trailer for it on youtube:

Here are some gameplay images  (more can be found on the developer’s website)


Melonverse Shooter Dimensions – a 2-D style space shooting game. Similar to Space Invaders, the player controls a spaceship and shoots enemy spaceships. Destroying the enemies transforms them into watermelons and cupcakes that the player collects. If you want to play an online version of the game click here.


Melonverse Gameplay

Demolition Force – it’s a work in progress. Think of Mad Max meets World of Tanks. The player controls a truck/tank hybrid. The goal is to attack enemy bases to win. Eventually there will be a multiplayer mode. If you want to look at the progress of the game, check out the developers’ blog.


Player-controlled vehicle


Game environment

These were some of the most exciting games that I got to playtest on International Game Day. Feel free to try these games out yourselves and check out more games created by the developers!


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