We are all just pieces of a puzzle

They did it again!! the International CLub have done it again. Diversity has been represented again. This week, among all the events that USG have had, one particularly stand up to my eyes and is called “Pieces of the world”. You might already inquire the reason as to why I particularly liked this event. Well it is simple, first because it is a subject that is really dear to my eyes, representing diversity means a lot. I am an international student myself and just like other students, would like to be represented and let my voice be heard by every one. Also because, we are all pieces of a puzzle and the great thing with USG is that you can and will find the right pieces quicker and safer. The event simply constituted of pining pins on where you are from on a map with a sticker .

Every one was invited and there was a good “turn up”. Students and faculties stopped by to pin point where they are from and some talked a little bit about their country.





The map allowed us to understand and see how diverse yet united USG really is. It shows that you are probably not alone like this student from Jakarta that thought she was alone. Well now she is happy to found out that she was not and actually was three of them. It just relaxes you to know you are not  alone here especially when you are from a different background, culture, ethnicity or race. And what institution is well placed for representing diversity? Elementary question, The Universities at Shady Grove of course.

A big thanks again to the crew of the International Club for its hard work in making sure that diversity is represented and puzzle back in one piece.

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