USG’s Great Wall


Have you heard about the Great Wall of Universities at Shady Grove? If not check this out. We call it the USG OPEN WALL. It is situated on “the west side of the library foyer opposite the circulation desk. You cannot possibly miss it unless you have been writing on it the whole semester got tired of seeing it or it is exam period, so your kind of putting your priorities first. The Priddy Library librarians with their good and kind heart decided to dedicate a place for student to “share ideas, thoughts, opinions and comments”. It’s purpose is very simple and direct, “Promote and encourages everyone, students, faculty and staff to express themselves on topics, issues, trends, news events, or challenges of general interest, or that affect their campus life.” In other words, any student with any concern can just come and let his/her mind speak. It is in some instances the suggestion “box,” but instead of a box it is a wall. All subjects are welcome. It can be range from personal, business, informative, showcase of talent, best writings skills, or simply best handwriting.img_20160922_210912

Life at USG is pretty short, meaning students at school, are already busy with their own life, job, looking for an internship, or just too shy to stay on campus. The Wall gives a voice to the students to express what they can not express out loud or because they don’t have time. Truly, I tell you, stuff that I see on that Wall are simply amazing and informative about the population we have on campus.

Working at the library I have to see the wall everyday. But what is mostly amazing about the Wall is not the wall itself, it is the face of the student or faculty after writing something on it. It is priceless!!

Next time you come in the library please don’t be a stranger , say “hi” to me at the desk and check out the wall. It is our wall, our corner, our world, be expressive, and allow the wall to free you from your worries.


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