The Woes and Woahs of Graduating

As April emerges, and the flower starts blooming, I am beginning to notice the start of different changes that are about to come. It is starting to hit me that I’m almost done with my undergraduate career, which means next year I will not be returning to the Shady Grove campus for classes, or to my field placement to fulfill my hours. This stirs up all different kinds of emotions in me: excitement, fear, nostalgia, anxiety, and so the list goes.

I’ve been spending the past few weeks looking and applying for jobs, and it is making me rethink my whole college experience and how much I appreciate the past several years. It was a wild journey that landed me in the Social Work program on the USG campus, but I’m so glad that it did. I have met incredible people, been mentored by professors who are beyond passionate and successful, and taken part in different forms of leadership around campus that I never would have envisioned as a part of my college experience.

As I begin to really focus on my next chapter, I notice the mark that this campus has left on me and how the lessons I have learned here will be ones that I will take with me beyond The Grove.

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