USG’s First Student Council Elections

Being a part of the Student Council here at USG is probably the one experience I will not forget during my time here.  It has given me so many opportunities and taught me valuable lessons. These opportunities include the chance to attend the NCCWSL (National Conference for College Student Women Leaders ) this June at the University of Maryland. I am super excited to be attending this 3 day conference!

Why am I bringing up Student Council? It is because USG is holding its very first Student Council Elections starting this Wednesday, April 20th. This is really exciting for us because the students finally get a say in who their representatives will be.

final pic

There will be various current council members (including me) tabling during elections time with booths set up for voting. You can either vote there or online. What is really exciting is that there are four different people running for the two spots for UMCP institutional representatives. I cannot wait to see what their campaigns are and how they are planning on making the UMCP at USG experience even better next year.

Hope to see everyone vote this coming week and participate in this new change at USG!



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