Get Your Suture On

Yesterday, me and a couple of people that are in the Biological Sciences program with me decided to attend a Suture Clinic event being held at the University of Maryland, College Parks’s main campus. One of the great things about USG is that you are able to attend events at both campuses if you are a student here, so you are not devoid of any opportunities. A great example of this is the fact that you get to attend graduation at USG AND your main campus. Totally looking forward to that in May!

The Suture Clinic was sponsored by UMD’s Pre-Med Society who had physicians from the US Army come to teach everyone how to suture on actual pig’s feet (See below).


The event lasted for two hours and started off with free pizza for every one. We learned about two different types of sutures: a running suture and a simple suture. One army physician gathered a group of people and showed everyone how to make the sutures. Then we split off (two people per foot) and practiced the sutures.

It was a great way to see what kind of experiences we might have in medical school in the future. The Army physicians also gave us a brief overview about being an Army physician and the benefits. It is a really great alternative for those looking to pay off their medical school debts quickly. Overall, the event was a ton of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a health profession!


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