Let it snow, let it snow

If you haven’t already heard, the Universities at Shady Grove will be closed on Wednesday, January 27th because of hazardous road conditions. As a result, classes have been cancelled (once you stop crying, please regain control of yourself and read further).  To stay up to date on all campus alerts, notifications and  campus closures due to inclement weather click here to sign-up for USG alerts, our e2Campus system that allows the University to contact you during an emergency by sending text messages to your: e-mail, cell phone, pager (yes, really), and blackberry type device.


Mother Nature added powder sugar to my D.C. arrival. How fancy, thanks!

When we last left off I was enjoying travels across Europe, I got to see my whole family overseas and meet for the first time my nephew, Marco. My X’mas wish to see everyone in my family fell under my lucky stars, upon arriving Sunday evening to Chicago I was informed that my flight to D.C. was cancelled. For any traveler that kind of bad news would cause you to cringe, the prospect of a two-day layover halfway through your travels is not fun.  Before I had a chance to fall into despair my booking agent asked me if there was anywhere I could fly to other than home.  “Well, yes ma’am, my sister lives in Memphis.”

Everyone needs to know this, American Airlines hires angels, I was placed on the next flight to Tennessee and would later enjoy a direct flight to Reagan International Airport on Tuesday, effectively extending my vacation another two whole days. This blessing allowed me to  spend time with my sister and meet my beautiful one-year-old niece for the first time. Hurray for snow!


Twenty minutes into digging my car out and I feel ill-equipped, googled searched: “where to buy a flamethrower.”(was not dissapointed)

Ugh, I take that back, because shoveling that’s why.

Friends of USG, be safe, stay off the roads and enjoy these unexpected days off from school.  See you back on campus.





About dereknehls

A Senior at Robert H. Smith School of Business, follow me as I accomplish my aspirations to become a business professional at the UMD's Shady Grove Campus in Rockville, Md.
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