When a U.S. Born and Raised Girl Goes to an Indian Village

Thirteen years. It had been thirteen years since I had last gone to India. So when I arrived in the village- scratch that, starting when I was traveling towards the village- I had a huge culture shock. Here’s a couple of differences between here and there:

  1. THE DRIVING– Apparently in the village, law enforcement really does not have strict guidelines when it comes to driving. Even though there is a ton of traffic. So this car that I was taken in starts driving zig zag- meaning it was driving on the left and right sides. Whatever would get us to our destination faster. Also, the driver was honking at every vehicle, person, or animal that was on the road and in his way. Finally, there are no traffic signals at all, so when it comes to intersections- watch out.
  2. The Bathroom- The shower= a bucket and some cold water from a hand pump. The toilet= a hole in the ground. The door= a door that can be locked from the outside as well (aka you can be locked in there for a very long time).
  3. The Food- This was definitely a good culture shock. I have to say that an unknown hidden treasure in India is their cake- even the cheaper ones taste so real and moist. Another must have is the Pani Puri- a crispy bread shell filled with potato and liquid spices on top (just make sure that the water used in this is clean- talking from experience). Also, all meat and food is usually made fresh in the village- meaning when you want fish you get fish fresh from the water and make it (see below).


    Fish being cleaned at our house (side note: that cement box behind the fish is where a lot of people take baths- yes it is out in the open) 

  4. The Entertainment- So electricity is very minimal in the village and goes out very frequently. No TV, no phones- what do they do with their lives? They hang out with each other a lot more. They play games such as Kho Kho which is kind of like tag but a lot more complicated. Also, a walk to the local market on the road is always an adventure there. Entertainment just seems to find you!

Also this song tends to be played a lot there:

Overall, it was a great and eye opening experience. Visiting and studying abroad is something I feel like is almost vital for everybody- it will be an experience to remember for a lifetime!


until next time India! 

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1 Response to When a U.S. Born and Raised Girl Goes to an Indian Village

  1. Cara says:

    Totally agree about the driving it’s insane.

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