Looking Back

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving Break! The best part about this break is that most people have the day off (hats off to all the people working on this break) so you are able to see people you haven’t seen in the longest time.

Yesterday, I really was able to reflect on everything I am thankful for and a big part being what I was able to be a part of at USG. Here are some things that came to mind:

Biomedical Sciences Day 2015:


Happy to present for the second time at this amazing event on campus!

For more details on biomedical sciences day, check out John Arthur’s last post!  https://uatshadygrove.org/2015/11/23/2004/

International Games Day 2015:

USG Fest 2015:


ASBMB Science Cafes:

ASBMB holds monthly science cafes to educate students about science

And the list seriously keeps going. But I am definitely looking forward to so much more going on on campus.

P.S. I hope you guys had (and continue to have) an awesome Black Friday! Here’s a bit of a look into what I had to deal with:

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