Bloggers (RE)Unite

When I applied to be a blogger, I knew it would allow me to continue writing for pleasure, and would be a good way to get involved with the Universities at Shady Grove community. What I did not expect it to do: reunite me with a friend from College Park!

Rachel Safferman, a fellow blogger and a nursing student on the Shady Grove campus, was one of the sweetest girls I had met in College Park, but because of the overwhelming size of the campus and amount of students, it was a rarity to bump into her, and our demanding schedules made it very difficult to find a time to hang out and catch up! (you all know this struggle, it is real)

One of my favorite parts of being a student on the Shady Grove campus is that I end up bumping into the people I meet around campus almost daily. This provides the buildings with a sense of familiarity and warmness, which makes me excited (okay, or at least not dreadful) of coming to school everyday.

And as for my friendship with Rachel, it became even stronger once we were at USG together! We now get to catch up in between classes, even though we’re in totally different programs. And although I don’t live in College Park anymore, it doesn’t mean I don’t get to see her! Now our friendship is at the point that she even comes to visit me in Washington D.C. (see picture below for proof)

FullSizeRender (4) Rachel and I at my apartment in D.C.

So thanks to the Universities at Shady Grove, for rekindling this friendship!


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