Immunization fever!


Last Monday, the UMB Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy held an annual flu shot clinic.  You were able to schedule an appointment or just walk in like I did.

This is a great service held on the Shady Grove campus during flu season.  Getting vaccinated against the flu is important for public health.  You may wonder why you as a young healthy individual should get the flu vaccine.  Have you been in contact with any infants or elderly people in the last month?  Do you think you will in the next three months?

Children under 2 and elderly over 65 years old are more at risk for many disease states.  Infants are still developing their immune system, while the system is waning in the elderly population.  Think about your grandparents getting the flu from someone at the grocery store or your toddler getting the flu while on a walk in the park.  Getting vaccinated isn’t just for your personal benefit.

I also ran into a fellow DHHS Internship student a few weeks ago.  Michaela is part of the UM College Park School of Public Health.  She and her fellow student had tabled in front of the cafeteria to promote awareness for nutrition and reading nutrition labels on grocery store goods.  Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of your health while in school.  You need to maintain your body’s health, including sleep and nutrition, if you want to retain the information you learn in class and do well come exam time.

Next semester, the UMCP School of Public health will collaborate with the UMB School of Pharmacy to spread awareness about the myths, mysteries, and truths about getting vaccinated against the flu, smallpox, measles, whooping cough, and more.

Be on the lookout for this next semester, and if you’re attending classes on the USG campus next year, be on the lookout for the free flu shot clinic and information on healthy eating and nutrition.

Free is good!

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