The Value of Education

These are the moments we should be most grateful for the opportunity that was given to us – the chance for an education.

On the Way to School

These children put their lives at risk every day just going to school.

The sleepless nights, endless reading assignments, group projects and tests – these are the many factors that can greatly increase our stress level. After all, here at USG we are university students and college and stress just go hand in hand. No one ever said college was going to be easy, and sometimes in our weakest moments we tend to become pessimists about school. In these moments we are resentful when in reality these are the moments we should be most grateful for the opportunity that was given to us – the chance to an education.

This is a revelation I came upon after watching the award winning documentary On the Way to School by Pascal Plisson.

The film follows four children living in very rural parts of their country. Jackson from Kenya, Zahira from Morocco, Carlita from Argentina, and Samuel, from India. These children through from different parts of the world have one thing in common they each travel dangerous routes every day for several hours, just to get to school.

The film touched me and inspired me to reflect on the value of my own education. I thought about my friends and peers on campus who stand together as a supporting community. I reflected on the passionate class discussions and debates, my professors who dedicate their heart to educating, and the wonderful advisors staff and faculty members I met on the way. I thought about the different Communication classes I took like film making, graphic design, and applied research.

Just taking a moment to close my eyes and reflect on these different aspect in my life made me realize how truly lucky we are to be blessed with the opportunity for an education.

The most valued thought that came to mind was that i’t not about the destination it’s about the journey. The true meaning of an education is the things you learn, the people you meet, the experiences you have and the places you’ll go because of it.

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