Home Remedies for Autumn Sniffles


If you are feeling sniffly or have a tickle in your throat, try out some of these home remedies! They may  help you feel better before rushing to the doctor’s office.

  1. Chop up some garlic and make a piece of toast on pumpernickel, rye, or heck, a baguette! bread. spread some butter on the bread for taste and sprinkle the garlic on top. It really helps clear up your sinuses (you can always add other veggies for taste if you’d like)2. BUY VICKS VAPOR RUB and apply it all over. Especially on your feet. Make sure to keep your feet warm at all times, so rub it on when they get cold and put on some thick woolen socks 🙂 there is also a great Chinese rub named “tiger balm” which works similarly, if not stronger
  2.  If you can, purchase some “Sunbreeze” oil. It is fantastic- and place it on the bottom of your nose and on top as well. It is extremely tingling and sharp so it rejuvenates clogged sinuses
  3.  Make some warm, hearty soup. Complete with noodles, and thick vegetables and maybe some seafood or chicken for taste
  4.  Be sure to drink plenty of liquids! Water especially, but also chamomile and ginger teas. Add some ginger, honey, and lemon- both yummy and medicinal
  5.  Stay very comfortable. Dress down and remember that being cozy will make you feel warmer, happier and better
  6.  Boil some potatoes and find a thick towel. Place it over your head and INHALE the steam. Take lots of deep breaths. To bump it up a notch you can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil (available at whole foods stores) to help extinguish bacteria
  7.  Boil hot water and add two tablespoons of table salt or part table salt, part baking soda. Mix the rinse together and then repetitively inhale the water separately with each nostril. The mucus will separate out due to heat and salts. This rinse can also be used to cleanse an itchy, painful, or dry throat
  8.  This trick may sound a little bit on the more adventurous end,  BUT, it has been proven to work magic by years of manifestation in cold Russian winters and American flu seasons. Purchase raw honey, or the Russian creme, “oxolin” if available to you. You will place the viscous liquid onto two ear cleaners and then stick them up your nose- yes really! Spin them around until the insides are unbearably ticklish-causing you to sneeze. All of the sneezing paired with successive nose blows will noticeably clear clogged sinuses…mmm, breath.
  9.  Boil two eggs, eggs are phenomenal heat-retainers. Once they have cooled just a little, wrap them up in one or two paper towels, however many you need to protect your fingers and face and then lying down on your bed or couch gently massage your nose from the center outwards using both eggs. Essentially picture the mucus being melted and flowing out and away from the clogged sinuses. The eggs can also be placed at any tense sinus centers- at the third eye, above the eyebrows, at the temples, by the sides of the jawline. Heat will do no harm for a stuffy face
  10. Buy some fish oil and vitamin C tablets, boost that immune system (but if you’re experiencing a sore throat, avoid acidic foods!)
  11.  Sleep, babies. a lot. or at least lie in bed and let your body melt, relax and release tension
  12.  If you are of age, indulge in shot of warm liqueor, irish cream, rum, whatever you like, in your tea or hot cocoa to foster some internal heat and kill germs!
  13. Remember to stay happy and only think about getting better! “mind over matter.” Friends TV Shows, old reruns of Full House, and snuggly pajama times are completely essential ❤

big love always,


P.s. and of course, email me or message me with any questions at all!


**I am not a licensed nurse, doctor or holistic nutritionist. Most of these remedies are practiced in my home and some are recommended by homeopathic doctors, acupuncturists etc. Listen to your body always

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2 Responses to Home Remedies for Autumn Sniffles

  1. Christine says:

    Great tips, Roni! Thanks for sharing! I especially like 12 and 13. 🙂

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