A Different Kind of Friendship: Study, Work, Progress

I remember  about a year ago around this time, I noticed Sophia Migabo sitting in one of my classes at USG. Sophia and I knew each other in Montgomery College, however we lost touch for a couple of years until that first day of classes at USG. After class, Sophia introduced me to her friend Amelia Ross who was also a Communication major.

Photoshoot 1

Layla Katharina Mahgoub Amelia Ross , Sophia Migabo – three friends doing the impossible.

That semester the three of us were coincidentally in almost every class together, and we began spending a lot of time together. We studied together, ate lunch together, and worked on projects together. In just a short time a beautiful friendship blossomed between the three of us.

It was a different kind of friendship than what I was used to in an academic setting, because instead of complaining about the amount of studying we had, we took it very seriously and helped each other learn the material. Instead of being uninterested towards class projects, we became excited and inspired by each others ideas and creative contributions. Instead of feeling indifferent or bored with our academics we created a passion for education. Since that first semester we helped each other progress  and grow as scholars, professionals, and women.

Now one year later we are interning together at a non-profit organization called God’s Connection Transition (GCT). GCT is a well-known food resource located in Gaithersburg, MD that strives to serve the homeless and low income families in the Montgomery County area. It has been rewarding working together as women apart of a movement that contributes so much good to the community.

There are many wonderful, productive and positive friendships among the USG student body. These strong friendships among classmates and peers have the power to progress into professional relationships. In fact some of the most successful business ideas were born among college peers, just take a look at Facebook or Google.

The message I want to send to my peers at USG is that the relationships you build today with your classmates have the potential to move you forward professionally, individually, and academically. Having said that – don’t be afraid to launch a business idea, or a campaign, or a video project. Act upon your ideas and work together with your classmates, because you never know where that friendship can take you in the future.

About Layla.Katharina

I'm a self-starting storyteller with a passion for social advocacy and personal development. My goal is to engage and connect my readers through healthy discussion and sharing of ideas on various topics.
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2 Responses to A Different Kind of Friendship: Study, Work, Progress

  1. sophiamgb says:

    I love it. this is a journey that is only getting better. the best is yet to come.

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