Food for Thought

With all the craziness that encompasses the academic year, it’s easy to feel like something’s gotta give. Between exams, clinical rotations, and lectures, very few hours remain for sleep, exercise, or relaxation. As students, nutrition is often the last thing on our minds. However, food is the very thing that propels us to excel in all our ventures, big and small!

As nursing students, nutrition plays a central role in the recovery and rehabilitation of our patients. So why should we neglect it in our own lives? Last night, some fellow nursing students and I decided that enough is enough!

Together, we prepared edamame pasta alongside some freshly roasted cauliflower and broccoli (We were so excited and hungry that I forgot to take pictures). It was simple, yet delicious! The best part? We actually SAT down, relaxed, and ENJOYED our meal (and each other’s company too)!

Now, I’m hooked. I am already planning the next meal we can cook together. Perhaps this can be a monthly (even weekly) tradition? Wishful thinking? I think not!

All you aspiring cooks (or Pinterest lovers), I would love your input! What should be on my next menu? Definitely some food for thought 🙂

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